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FIAPO Awards, 2016

At the forthcoming India for Animals Conference, 2016, FIAPO will felicitate some outstanding individuals and/or organisations who have made exemplary contributions to the animal protection movement in India during the years 2015 and 2016. Nominations are requested for the different award categories. Self-nominations are also accepted. It is not necessary that there must be an awardee in each category.

The categories of IFA awards are

  • Education and Outreach
  • Street Animal Care Award
  • Public Service Award
  • Media Award (for Journalist / Media House)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award (for Individuals only)

The award categories and the criteria based on which a panel of three judges, appointed by FIAPO, will select the awardees are given below.

Application Procedure

Nominations for the FIAPO awards are now closed. Visit http://fiapo.org/ifa16.php to apply for other awards that are open for application.

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