Trains to slow down near Elephant corridors – Kudos to Indian Railways!

The Indian Railways has now imposed speed restrictions along several tracks of North East in order to avoid the rampant accidental death of elephants due to collision with trains. It has set a great example of how development and wildlife protection can co-exist and how it is important to have wildlife-friendly infrastructures and development plans.

FIAPO expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the Indian Railways especially the North East Frontier Railways for giving the much needed consideration to our rich but shrinking wildlife. The constant efforts of the Indian Railways to avoid unnecessary deaths of the free ranging elephants in the North Eastern part of the country are highly appreciable and welcomed. It is indeed a great step which the Indian Railways by taking cognisance as well as finding a solution to one of the challenges being faced by our elephants.

To read the letter sent to The Indian Railways, click here