With the goal of ending the consumption of Animals for entertainment, FIAPO, along with partner organisations, is campaigning for a complete ban on Jallikattu in India.

Jallikattu involves aggravating a bull and releasing into an arena of people, who then attempt to tame it by holding on to its hump or horns for as long as possible. Regarded as inherently cruel not only by animal rights organisations but also by the Supreme Court of India, Jallikattu often involves practices such as inebriating the bulls, goading them with sticks and dragging them to the ground.

FIAPO has been an active party in the longstanding battle to end the use of animals in Jallikattu since the very beginning.

In 2017, the Tamil Nadu government passed The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Act, 2017 that lallowed the practice to continue. FIAPO and its partner organisations have challenged the Act in the Supreme Court which will now consider whether Jallikattu is constitutionally valid or not.

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