Kerala Government’s Big Step towards a #RabiesFree Nation!

Setting out to make Trivandrum a model district for animals, FIAPO’s #RabiesFreeKerala movement successfully collaborated with the State Govt.’s Health and Education Department to launch dog bite counselling centres in hospitals and provide mandatory education on dog-bite prevention in government schools across the district.

This one of its kind initiative not only emphasizes on the long term-scientific solution of ABC, but also equally important and immediately effective measures to end the conflict. By way of urgently addressing the issues faced by dog-bite victims- fear of contracting rabies, navigating through neighborhoods without fearing packs of dogs, and post-bite support and assistance, the movement is a huge step in working out the legal, sustainable and humane solutions to the issue at hand.

The victim counselling sessions ensure that dog-bite victims are mandatorily counselled on basic dog behavior-dos and don’ts, treatment, mental help and are followed up with to check progress. These services are already being offered across Trivandrum in General Hospital, Neyyattinkara, Government Hospital Trivandrum, and Taluq Headquarters Hospital, Varkala. Furthermore, the State Education Department has ordered mandatory education on dog-bite prevention in government schools in Trivandrum which is also being carried out in schools across the district.

In future developments, the Rabies Free movement will be expanding its wings to Karnataka, inching one step closer to helping eradicate human-dog conflict.

Join us in building a Rabies Free India by reaching out to the State Govt. in your district to implement victim counseling and education sessions to make the world a better place for dogs as well as humans! Write to us at mail@fiapo.org.


Varda Mehrotra,


Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)