Meet a Member: LEAF India

In 2008, a group of veterinarians and likeminded people set up LEAF India in response to the growing deterioration of human compassion towards fellow creatures. Since then, it has sensitized many young minds to animal issues and conservation through its education programme for school children. LEAF India continues to put its veterinary expertise to good use in helping distressed strays, injured birds and animals in trade fairs.

Living Ethics and Animal Foundation (LEAF India) is a registered animal charity, formed in Jaipur in 2008by likeminded professionals from different walks of life, primarily veterinarians. The genesis of Leaf India is a simple humane response to the growing need of better efforts from the citizens to restore the compassionate bond which we, the human beings, always shared for the fellow creatures.

LEAF India believes that recent economic activities and materialism have led to exploitation of humans, animals and environment alike. The human values have witnessed erosion and disintegration. Animals fight to survive the brutal forces of directionless developments. LEAF India considers education and awareness as main tools for reducing pain and suffering for animals. Younger generation is the torch bearer of mutual love and affection and the best group to share and discuss the ideas of animal welfare and nature conservation. LEAF’s Meet Million Minds is one such program well designed for the kids and school going students. It focuses on introducing the students to the various aspects of animal human interaction, need for compassion, role played by animals in our life.

The Leaf India team upon getting request from the local community organizes anti rabies vaccination programs for street dogs. During such programs the local people walk and guide our team to identify, help, catch and vaccinate dogs. An informative leaflet about rabies is distributed in the locality a day before the program is organized.
A lot of animal welfare issues remain unaddressed in the far located villages. The animals in villages often lack prompt veterinary assistance when the need arises. A large number of wounds remain unattended and severe infection sets in. Leaf India has plans to adopt few villagesin 2013 to provide veterinary care. Health checks and vaccination camps will be organized periodically in the villages. The LEAF India team has been attending to sick animals and providing free treatments in villages around Jaipur as and when possible.

LEAFIndia aspires to establish a world class facility for sick and abandoned cows. A large number of cows suffer from malnutrition, disease and neglect. Many of them suffer road traffic accidents often leading to fracture, paralysis and irreparable damage. The cow shelters around Jaipur are often overcrowded due to limited space. It is a dream project for Leaf India to establish a Holy Cow Home which will have inbuilt hospital and availability of veterinary surgeon to promptly attend the sick and traumatized cows.

Hundreds of animals were directly treated and helped by the LEAF India’s vet team during Pushkar fair in 2011 and 2012, and Luniyawas fair in 2011 on World Animal Day. The water bowl installation program by LEAF India has been widely appreciated. The students of M.G.D. Girls’ High School thoroughly enjoyed our educational programs during World Zoonoses Day. During the 16th Bird fair in February 2013 LEAF’s team interacted with students at the Mansagarlake in Jaipur. Hundreds of birds were rescued by the LEAF India’s team during the kite flying festivals in Jaipur.

LEAF India’s registered office is at 9 A, Sunrise Colony, New Sanganer Road, Opp Patel Marg, Mansarovar, Jaipur, 302020, Rajasthan and can be contacted at leafindia2020@gmail.com.For conducting animal welfare awareness programs and helping animals LEAF India’s vet DrTirupatiSharma can be reached on 9602322664.For more details visit LEAF India at www.facebook.com/leafindia