Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)

Location: Delhi

Role: As India’s apex animal protection organisation, one of our key priorities is to reduce and end the use of animals for consumption. To this end, we propagate education and outreach activities that enable the growth, mobilisation and organisation of grassroots activists across the country.

Position Requirements:

  • You are a “people person”, and can motivate, work with and support activists all over India.
  • You are calm, and able to take adversity with resilience and have a positive, optimistic outlook.
  • You are self-driven and are able to develop solutions to problems that crop up. These stimulate you and drive you to overcome them.
  • You work well under pressure and meet deadlines
  • You like and are able to travel to different places frequently.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Identifying through search, word-of-mouth possible activists or groups in various cities who can be contacted to take up outreach activities
  • Making regular telephone contact with member groups to encourage them to take on various outreach actions;
  • Develop city plans to achieve targets for regular outreach, through both national campaigns and local events
  • Travel to meet activists and conduct outreach, training and workshops in various cities.
  • Help individuals build cohesive groups in their cities to propagate a message of reducing animal product consumption.
  • Collect feedback of all activities and share widely. Help activists from one city learn from experiences of other cities;
  • Keep good track records of all outreach activities so that they can be batched together, presented on the website and other opportunities to inspire others to see that there are many activists working in unison from diverse locations and with diverse resources;
  • Manage the data generated through the network –pledges, photos, contact information and ensure it is up to date
  • Create content and communicate about the campaign on available media, like google groups, living free lists, and social media like Facebook.
  • Ensure continuous update and improvement (and where necessary creation of new) material to support activists, this includes the website and leaflets
  • Maintain existing databases of the network with appropriate growth interventions
  • Assist the running of the Innovative Grants Programme
  • Assist impact measurement for groups across the country and also collect data nationally
  • Undertake activities like finding venues, creating material, writing letters, getting permissions for enabling local events
  • Manage the production and dissemination of all material and merchandise through the national network

Organisation:  FIAPO is India’s apex animal protection organisation. As the collective voice of the animal protection movement in India, FIAPO is the catalyst that protects the interests of animals on local and national levels – through education, research, lobbying, mobilization, training and direct action. Created for the movement, by the movement, FIAPO is India’s only national federation. It has over 60 members and over 200 supporter organizations across the country.

Application Procedure: Please familiarize yourself FIAPO by reading through the web pages of www.fiapo.org and www.livingfree.fiapo.org before you apply.

Based on the job description and the website, within 300 words, please provide a cover letter with the following details

  • What role have you been in previously (voluntary or otherwise) that is closest to the advertised vacancy and for how long?
  • A challenging situation you have faced
  • Your current or last CTC (you will be required to give pay slips)

Please email at jobs@fiapo.org or call on 09840718715 to know more or apply.