Improving Vegan Outreach for Individuals and Groups

FIAPO, as part of its Living Free programme, provides  grants to people, to fund innovative ideas or to start outreach in a city. It takes us a minimum of 10 days to process the grant from the date of reception of the application.  Due to finite resources, typical awards range from Rs.500-2000, with a maximum of Rs.3000 for a single outreach event. Applications for amounts larger than Rs 3000 are only applicable forlarger events like vegan festivals and applicants are encouraged to seek advice from regional FIAPO staff before applying. Grant applications will only be accepted prior to the event.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone looking to start or spread vegan advocacy can apply for these grants –please read the instructions below to learn about our eligibility criteria: -

  1. Our Grants scheme is meant to support small-scale projects that aim to protect the rights of farm animals through focused campaigns, which have a long-lasting and a measurable outcome and generate involvement from the target audience.
  2. Applications that do not follow these guidelines or do not fit the application criteria are rejected.
  3. Applications are accepted from all organisations and individuals, but a strong preference would be given toFIAPO community leaders. (Write to us at mail@fiapo.orgif you would like to become one)
  4. You (or your group) can apply forgrants only twice a month.
  5. The grants are given to applications whose target audience is the youth. Some of the common methods of reaching out to the youth are leaflet distribution in colleges, arranging for film shows, tabling events, vegan fests and humane education in institutes of higher education.
  6. Sending an application doesn’t guarantee disbursal of funds. The judging panel will scrutinise the alignment of the application to the criteria mentioned here and grants are awarded only to those applications which meet the criteria.
  7. Grants will cover the direct expense made for outreach, which includes, but not limited to the following:
  • Conveyance
  • Printing/ Photostat
  • Stationery (Paperboards, markers, adhesives, gums, etc.)
  • Hiring a venue
Procedure to Apply

To apply for the grant, please fill up the application form given here.

Please make sure to submit an itemised budget along with the application

A report explicating how the grant was utilised, with copies of relevant bills/ supporting documents will have to be sent to us after the outreach event(s).

Other Grants