#LivingFree Turns Five This Month!

Its Living Free’s 5th birthday this April 12th and we could not have been more proud of the achievements of FIAPO’s largest vegan advocacy campaign! We have built a network of more than 1000 activists across the country, creating torch bearers for the animal protection movement in India.
To celebrate this Day of Living Free (DOLF), we are coming up with an innovative outreach method, which involves asking basic questions about people’s food choices, and how it affects the life of an animal. This would involve them thinking about their answers and connecting to the invisible suffering of farmed animals. We are calling this method ‘Question Your Notion’.

Are you excited to try it on people in your city to help animals? If you wish to, write an email to livingfree@fiapo.org and we would be happy to send you materials needed for this awesome event!