Different organisations all over the country have been working in the area of rescue, onsite treatment, care and rehabilitation of animals in conflict, other domestic animals, urban wildlife etc. We have often seen isolation and disconnection among different NGOs in a particular city. It’s high time when all these animal activists come together as the fate of the national movement depends on a more closely knitted community. The objective of Movement Building is to improve and organise the existing framework of animal protection and to form greater connectivity. The most significant addition to the movement building programme was that of supporting local federations in various cities. This concept has largely impacted to the success of animal welfare. Federation Of Animal Protection Organisations or FAPO as it is called, are a group of animal protection organisations, locally, under a common umbrella.

At present the two active federations are:

  • JFAPO (Jaipur Federation Of Animal Protection Organisations)
  • GMFAPO (Greater Mumbai Federation of Animal Protection Organisations)

Jaipur has 15 member organisations and work on various fields like first aid, shelter, animals and birds rescue, wildlife conservation etc. We have two elected co-ordinators who run the federation smoothly, conducting monthly meetings, group activities, workshops etc. With the involvement of all   its members, JFAPO has been constantly putting efforts to put an end to Illegal slaughter shops. Numerous complaints have been filed to Jaipur Police, Municipality Commissioner and FCCAI to take action on the illegal meat shops in different areas of Jaipur.

Similar to Jaipur, GMFAPO (Mumbai) with its 20 well formed organisations have been doing tremendous work in different fields of first aid, rescue, ABC, shelters, wildlife, Birds etc. Regular trainings/workshops are conducted to develop the volunteers associated with them. Monthly meetings are organised and all the members try to identify different problems faced and work towards a swift resolution. They are highly focussing on the ABC programme, ensuring implementation of standard procedures and ethical practices for the NGOS who run ABC.

The other two cities that we have been closely working with and have seen great progress are Indore and Varanasi. We are on the verge of forming local federations in both these cities soon.

Indore has some fantastic NGOS and volunteers who run a systematic first aid programme, covering almost the whole of Indore. They are also doing intense rescue work and have been frequently doing lots of awareness camps in different schools and colleges. There are shelters being developed there to ensure a quality life to all animals. Indore has achieved success in the first aid workshops conducted for the volunteers. As a result of these workshops, volunteers have bloomed and have developed their skills in first aid treatments.

All the 3 organisations in Varanasi have been doing impeccable work for the welfare of animals. Two of them are running effective ABC programmes sterilizing more than 300 animals in a month. The other one has been able to treat animals in 60% areas of Varanasi through a brilliant first aid programme. Each month more volunteers join the movement and that has actually helped them to reach out to new areas for first aid. Very soon they would be able to provide quality treatment to the entire city with the support of volunteers and community caretakers.

We are soon expanding to other cities like Guwahati, Raipur, Jammu and Agra.