Maharashtra Zoological Park gets African Giraffes and Zebras

Recently, the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park’s proposal of introducing two pairs of giraffes and zebra from Africa received approval. The zoological park is situated in Pune and the animals are to be expected to arrive at the zoo by end of this year. The main purpose of this seems to be education.

FIAPO has appealed to the Maharashtra Zoo Authority as well as the Zoo Director of the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park to reconsider this decision of introducing these giraffes and zebras in an environment which is not naturally suitable for them and to not import or introduce such non-native species in a space which is unnatural for them.

With advanced technologies, research and education methods, there are various alternatives for education and in situ conservation without causing mental and physical pain to the animals. The long travel from Africa to India and the non-natural surroundings here in India means just unnecessary torture for these animals. As giraffes and zebras are known to be free ranging and social animals, a zoo that too in a nonnative land will be not able to cater to their basic natural instincts and needs thereby depriving them of having a quality life.

To read the letter sent to Maharashtra Zoo Authority and Zoo Director of the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, click here