AWA Panchkula Seeks Legal Help

Animal Welfare Association, Panchkula was set up as a volunteer group of animal lovers who were actively involved in rescue and care of animals in need. The association aims to connect with animal activists- locally and in other cities for a better, more coordinated animal protection movement across the country.

Registered in April 2018, several members of the association were previously working as individual volunteers since 2014. With their dedication towards the movement, they were able to rescue countless sick, injured and abandoned animals from the street. With several successful adoption and ARV drives, they are continuously working towards giving a better future to the animals of the city. They even kept the ABC programme up and running, even in the absence of a dog catching squad. They managed to attain 350-400 sterilisations in a period of 3 months. The association is comprised of mostly women, some working, some housewives and several students.

When FIAPO contacted Animal Welfare Association, Ms. Meenakshi told us about the critical state of horses in their area, where they were being used for transporting goods and carrying people from one place to the other, which is in direct contradiction of the laws framed under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960

We helped AWA and the horses by reaching out to the authorities and conveying the current situation in the area. We have also written to the Municipal Corporation of Panchkula, stating the issue and asking for strict action against the people involved.

As we continue to provide aid to AWA in Panchkula, we also urge other organisations to step in and help us end this cruel practice in the city!

Read the letter written to Commissioner Municipal Corporation, Panchkula here.