As our member, you will get exclusive benefits, listed below:

Start major campaigns

Are you wanting to stop illegal slaughter, end rabies, or start ABC in your city? Join any of FIAPO’s national campaigns and gain access to necessary resources, technical support, training, small campaign costs, and dedicated mentorship to ensure the campaign meets its end. FIAPO campaigns are spread across the nation under various banners corresponding to Animal Rights Movement.

Network Nationally

Active in 70 cities, FIAPO has one of the largest networks in India. If your campaign requires the support of other NGOs or activists near you, contact us and we will put you in touch with others. Animal Rights Movement in India needs to be a collaborative effort and FIAPO’s Network let’s every organisation interact and learn from each other.

Legal Support

Free legal advice and support on any and all issues is also provided from our full-time in house legal affairs manager to all members. Simply write to us with your issue and we will surely help out.

Financial Support

FIAPO provides reimbursement of small costs associated with campaigns. For organisations who are active in Animal First Aid, ABCs and ARV campaigns, FIAPO can help in providing basic financial support to bear minimum cost. Contact us to find out more information at mail@fiapo.org.

Discounted Trainings

FIAPO conducts regular trainings- city-wide, state-wide, zonal and national events (like the famous India for Animals Conference). These conferences are beneficial for the organisations, as various different matters/issues regarding Animal Rights and organisational development get discussed at such events.Participation in these trainings is discounted for FIAPO members.

Mediation Services

Services to help with mediation, conflict-resolution and any self-care support are available to all FIAPO members, should the need arise. FIAPO’s membership allows the members to leverage support provided in terms of moral ground wherein FIAPO intervenes in cases where the member organisation is under distress.

Newsletters and Mailers

Keep abreast of the latest news, opinions and updates on the current happenings in the Animal Rights Movement in India through our regular electronic newsletters and mailers. These newsletters provide a wider picture of the situation and the on ground reality.

Access to Electronic Resources

We believe that information regarding Animal Rights Movement should be available to all the organisations and activists across the country. Directory of animal protection organisations, detailed information on all national and state laws pertaining to animals, an online leadership development series and reports on investigations and leading issues in India are all available on FIAPO’s website.