FIAPO is India’s apex animal rights organisation. As the collective voice of the animal rights movement in India, FIAPO is the catalyst that protects the rights and interests of animals at local and national levels. Created, for the movement, by the movement, FIAPO is India’s only federation with more than 80 members and 200 supporter organisations, nationally.

  Creation and Objective 

FIAPO was created by visionaries in the animal rights movement, who saw the strength in unification to realise their dream of making India a better place for animals. FIAPO stands for respect for animals, but most of all, it stands for the people of India to be a part of the movement: to respect the rights and interests of animals. Our goal is to achieve a high-impact, well-connected movement at local and national levels to address ongoing animal issues.

Our Work and Achievements

FIAPO engages with all stakeholders collaboratively, or confrontationally through research, lobbying and education, to advocate for the rights and interests of animals on behalf of the movement in India through networking, training, direct action and mobilisation.

FIAPO helped achieve a ban on cetaceans in captivity as well as stopped the establishment of India's first mega dairy that was proposed to set up with 40,000 cows. The Living Free Programme has reached out to over 10 lakh individuals to help them reduce their consumption of animals,while #DontGetMilked, has reached out to over 2 crore people through hoardings and digital advertising. The End Circus Suffering campaign has rescued animals from 16 circuses. FIAPO has also set up local networks in 63 cities initiating over 10 different campaigns. It has catalysed conflict resolution, in more than 50 discrete instances, maximising impact by working with local organisations and activists, closest to the root of the problems, wherever possible. Apart from this, FIAPO has also hosted four National Animal Rights Conferences, five national and regional bootcamps and multiple skillshare workshops in India. We have also been running grassroots campaigns in 6 cities to reform slaughter , resulting in the shutting down of over one hundred meat shops.

How to Become a Member

FIAPO’s members are organisations, not individuals. Any organisation that works primarily for animal rights in India can become our member. If you are an individual and want to be a part of the organisation, you can volunteer with us here.

Some of our member organisations are animal rescue centers, some have a humane education emphasis; some are experienced and some are newly-established, but each of them share in common, the desire to reduce and end animal suffering at all levels—from street dogs to dairy cows; from wildlife protection to saving marine animals; from zoos and circuses to animals used in laboratory experiments. To become a member, apply here.