Isolation and disconnection are two of the biggest factors that can damage any movement; even in India, where there is a long-standing history of compassion and animal welfare. While individuals and organisations have been working in the area and components of animal rights for all animals, the movement is fragmented, with little-coordinated action; thereby reducing its impact.

FIAPO realised that the need of the hour for the movement was

  1. To form greater connectivity in smaller groups.
  2. To boost local movements through capacity building initiatives.
  3. To funding infrastructural changes for organisations working at the grassroots level.
  4. To start a model of street animal care over and above the burdened shelters.

Keeping the same in mind, FIAPO enabled the work of smaller, local federations of animal protection groups, and initiated Shelter Grants and First Aid Programs across India.

Here’s a look at our collaborative work.

Our Shelter Grants seek to bring better amenities to companion animals, by helping animal care facilities improve upon their infrastructure and services.

Our on-site First Aid Programs seek to help injured animals and foster a positive relationship between communities and residential animals.

Our Local Federations or FAPOs are a collective group of animal protection organisations in an area, seeking to improve the existing framework of animal protection by forming greater connectivity.