The Indian Animal Rights community is at its nascent stage in India, and there are a lot of things that are still taking shape to make the movement a success. Though India has a long standing history of compassion and animal welfare, two of the major concerns for any growing movement are isolation and disconnection. While individuals and local organisations have been working towards the cause, but when major events and issues concerning animals arise in India, local activists and NGOs almost always have limited knowledge and few opportunities to participate. This impacts the richness of the movement by severely limiting the ability of people to be involved, and leadership development itself is completely ignored.

FIAPO realised that the need of the hour for the movement was to improve the animal protection framework in the country through collaborative and collective work.

Our on-site First Aid Programs seek to help injured animals and foster a positive relationship between communities and residential animals.

Series of events across Indian cities focusing on the local issues faced by the activists and organisations.

Our Local Federations or FAPOs are a collective group of animal protection organisations in an area, seeking to improve the existing framework of animal protection by forming greater connectivity.

Our Learning Animal initiative offers insight into the multiple strategies and tactics we use for animal protection.