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Movement Building

FIAPO's main aim is to help connect and inform animal protection organisations and activists across India so that they can become stronger animal protectors.

1. Find each other and Connect!
What are other groups doing and HOW are they doing it? Find out, with the help of a national perspective that takes full advantage of other people’s experiences and learns from their set-backs.
FIAPO shares through our commentary, website, social media like facebook, and and through FIAPO’s online forum, fiapo@googlegroups.com. (see guidelines to google groups here)

2. FIAPO is establishing Local Federations—and we want to build a local federation in your area.
Within your region animal people need to know each other. It’s that simple. We need to learn what each other cares about, and how to solve problems for animals—together.
If your region has more than one animal group, whether a rescue centre or a gaushala or a team involved in humane education or vegetarian outreach, FIAPO will help you find each other and help set up a relaxed and creative meeting to get you started in building a collaboration united around your common commitment to helping animals. See more here

3. Knowledge Exchange
We help you find the experts fast, and help YOU to become more expert yourself by organising workshops on various issues, mentorships and the India for Animals Conference,
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