The National Legal Framework seeks to answer the queries of ‘What legal aid do I have to solve this problem?’ The framework offers an exhaustive list of Acts and Rules that include only relevant sections and information.

Furthermore, the framework does not only put across the law, but also puts it forward in simple language that is straightforward, user-friendly and transparent. The content in italics is meant to comprehend, clarify and interpret the law, while the content in the normal font conveys the law verbatim and can be used officially.

Please find below the list of National Acts and Rules

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act
Wildlife Protection Act
Indian Penal Code
Animal Birth Control Dog Rules
Breeding and Experimentation Control and Supervision Rules
Cattle Trespass Act
Cinematograph Certification Rules
Food Safety and Standards Act
Food Safety and Standards-Regulations
Guidelines for Creation of Rescue Centres
Guidelines for Disposing Carcass of Animals In Zoos
Guidelines for Euthanasia of Zoo Animals
Guidelines for Proper Upkeep of Elephants in Zoos
Guidelines for Safari Parks
Guidelines for setting up of deer parks
Guidelines on population Control Measures for Hybird Lions Tigers and Herbivores
PCA-Capture of Animals Rules
PCA-Draught and Pack Animals Rules
PCA-Licensing of Farriers
PCA-Slaughterhouse Rules
PCA-Transport of Animals Rules Part 1
PCA-Transport of Animals Rules-Part 2
Performing Animals-Registration Rules
Prevention Control of Infectious Diseases in Animals Act
Recognition of Zoo Rules
Registration of Cattle Premises
The Elephants Preservation Act
WPA -Taxidermy and Transaction Rules