Our series of events across Indian cities which focuses on the local issues faced by the local activists and organizations. These events work as catalysts in bringing together all the organizations and activists of these cities under one roof and finding the best solutions to curb their local issues.

There are numerous organizations and animal activists in almost every city in India working towards the common goal of animal welfare. However, these organizations and activists end up being isolated in smaller territories forming comfort zones for themselves and never venturing outside the shell.

One of the most significant addition to the Movement Building Programme has been the inclusion of Networking Events. The objective of these events is to bring together all the Animal Activists and Animal Welfare Organisations of a city under one roof and solving the local issues faced by the city. This in-turn leads them to form an alliance among themselves, forget individual differences and working together towards there common goals.

These events will contain workshops, seminars, trainings etc which will be decided post thorough research and feedbacks from the local organizations and activists.
Working collaboratively is one of the best things we can do for animals- if you would like to have a networking event in your city- write to us at mail@fiapo.org.

Other Activities