New beginnings in Varanasi…

For over a year now, FIAPO has been running an intensive rescue and first-aid programme in Varanasi. The programme created a community that relies on the compassion and activism of the individuals of Varanasi, who in time, are creating a strong movement for animal protection.

Today, the programme has expanded beyond the Ghats, and the seeds that were sown the year round, are now bearing fruit. Here are a few stories of Varanasi leaders who’ve stepped up to protect animals

Dr. Soumya, Benares Hindu University: A doctor by profession, Soumya was always keen on helping animals. Ever since she met with the FIAPO team in Varanasi, she’s started pursuing fir1st-aid with greater gusto! She now spares time thrice a week carrying out First-aid at the Benares Hindu University. She is supported by her ardent volunteers who are steadily growing in number! While she teaches at BHU- she extends her help to the animals close to her home, at Sundarpur, Varanasi too!

Swati and Smita, Sikrol (Cantt Area): Forming quite the power team, Swati and Smita help all animals in every way possible. The duo have also started their own organisation in Varanasi that goes by the name of RAHAT. Apart from first –aid, rescue and community mobilisation near the Cantt area, they also provide food for animals at the Sarnath Zoo close by. While understanding the short term needs of animals, they also believe that for a truly successful movement, awareness is key- and spend considerable time reaching out to the public with2 a message of kindness and compassion.

Dr. Mangesh, Rath Yatra Road: A doctor and an avid animal lover, Dr. Mangesh has since long been involved in first aid for animals. He now ensures that each Sunday is a day to practice first aid and follows through on all cases he encounters. His recent success story is that of an accident case in which the dog was run hit by a car. After providing basic first aid, he ensured proper care and consultation by taking the dog to the Veterinary Government Hospital. The pooch is now in recovery and is showing wonderful progress!

While these new developments take place, our ongoing work at the Ghats continues – thanks to Amit, our first-aid expert, and Pushparag – a professional energy therapist. Their regular work at the Ghats ensures that the dogs there lead happy, healthy lives!