Rohan Hingorani Partners With FIAPO For 21 Day Vegan Challenge

Veganism is no longer a fringe movement – it’s getting more mainstream and being endorsed by more people each day. After politicians, actors and musicians adopting the lifestyle and spreading the message, social media influencers are joining in and asking their followers to try it out. Splitsvilla and Roadies contestant

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How ending meat will be a good beginning for the climate

MUMBAI: The End of Meat, a groundbreaking documentary film envisioning a future without any meat consumption, was showcased in the city, after being premiered in other international destinations like New York, Berlin among others. “The documentary by filmmaker Marc Pierschel goes beyond the issue of animal cruelty involved in meat consumption. It

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Bitter truth of White Revolution

The White Revolution was one of the biggest dairy development movements in India in 1970 to develop and help the dairy industry sustain itself economically by developing a co-operative and at the same time provide unadulterated milk and dairy products to people. Has it given the desired results? What is

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