Capellini & Wild Mushroom Vegan Pasta


Capellini Pasta – 90 gms
Button mushroom – 60 gms
Shiitake mushroom – 10 gms
Porcini mushroom – 08 gms
Olive oil – 15 ml
Basil leaf – 1 gm
Baby Spinach – 20 gms
Snow peas – 10 gms
Mushroom broth – 60 ml
Salt – 1

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Amala Akkineni bets for Veganism

Hyderabad: Chairperson of Blue Cross Hyderabad and actor Amala Akkineni is collaborating with Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) to promote veganism through social media campaign #21DayCompassionChallenge, according to a press release.
Launched by the FIAPO, the campaign is essentially aimed at encouraging non-vegetarians to completely go vegan for a

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Zesty Pomello and Quinoa Salad

1. Wash and clean the lettuces and put in an ice-bath for 15-20 minutes, so that the leaves get crispy.
2. Peel and pull the pomello segments and keep aside.
3. Blanch the quinoa till it becomes soft.
4. Candy the walnuts in caramelized sugar.
5. Roast the

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Monsoon special Burmese pepper soup recipe

Ingredients: 2 cup vegetable stock; 1 tbsp fine chopped onion; ½ tsp grated garlic; ½ tsp grated ginger; ½ tsp Burmese curry powder; ½ tsp turmeric powder; Black pepper (as per taste); 1 tsp lemon juice; 1½ tbsp Oil; Salt to taste; Sugar
Vegetables for soup: ¼ cup diced Pok

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Recipe of Raw Mango Salad

Recipe: Raw Mango Salad
Ingredients: 1 shredded green raw mango; ½ cup shredded iceberg lettuce; ½ cup shredded cabbage; ¼ cup fried brown onions; 1 whole sliced raw onion; 2 tsp chili oil Salt to taste; 1½ tsp roasted gram flour; A handful of peanuts, coarsely chopped; Smocked paprika; Sugar

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3 musts of a vegan diet for athletes

One of the newest trends to combat health issues is going vegan. Surprisingly, the first reaction to someone going vegan is ‘where will you get protein from?’ It’s not uncommon to see vegans struggling to prove that a plant-based diet is healthy. Here are some suggestions, if you plan to

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Learn How To Make Tea Leaf Salad

Recipe: Burmese Tea Lea Salad
Ingredients: 1 cup Ice berg lettuce (dice cut); ¼ cup lolorosso salad leaves shredded; ¼ cup green tomatoes sliced; 2 tsp fermented tea leaf dressing; 2 spoons lemon juice; ½ tsp chopped jalapeno; ½ tsp chopped garlic; 1 tsp salad oil; Salt to taste; ¼

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Epicuria, Fiapo come together to make vegan friendly hub

Giving the growing vegan trend a much-awaited push, Delhi’s foremost food mall, Epicuria, has introduced special vegan menus at its leading restaurants in Nehru Place. With restaurants like Fio, Dhaba, Yuzu, Big Wong, Chatter House, Lord of the Drinks, Flying Saucer and Fidahh on-board, all those who are curious about

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Sunday, 24 June 2018 | Swati Poddar | in Agenda

#DontGetMilked campaign aims to play an active role in bringing to light the truth behind the production of dairy and its products, writes Swati Poddar
Animals are sentient beings, like humans they can observe, feel pain and happiness. In the case of cows and

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