Do you know your meat?

The Kolkata meat scandal is still sending painful punches to T-bone of the meat industry of southern India, as well as somewhat diminishing the appetites of several meat lovers. After all, 20000kg of rotting meat is pretty hard to miss. So has this changed the way Hyderabadis buy meat?
Earlier this year,

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Hyderabad holds workshop to kick start work to regulate meat shops

Hyderabad: Thousands of animals counting their last breaths in cramped hot battery cages in the meat shops and slaughterhouses now have a new silver lining. People of Hyderabad are up in arms against the illegal slaughter of animals.
Citizens and activists came together to discuss and train on various laws

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People’s Movement Against Illegal Slaughter in the City

FIAPO’s Campaign to Close Illegal Meat Shops Kicks off

People in Bhubaneshwar are up in arms against the illegal slaughter of animals for food in their neighbourhood. Under the campaign name End Slaughter Cruelty, citizens came together to discuss and train on various laws governing slaughter and on how

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16 Complaints Filed Against Illegal Meat Shops in Jaipur in a Month

Jaipur Police, Municipality Commissioner and FSSAI Flooded with Complaints
Jaipur (18th July): Jaipur Police, municipality commissioner and the FSSAI offices are flooded with complaints on the illegal meat shops at Ramg July anj, Malpura Gate, Transport Nagar, Shastri Nagar amongst others. The investigation of these shops, led by the Jaipur

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Jaipur Food Safety Department to Crack Down on Illegal Meat Shops

Jaipur, 3rd June 2017: Thousands of animals suffering in meat shops and slaughterhouses in Jaipur have a new ray of hope, as the Jaipur Food Safety Commissionerhas promised to work with the Jaipur Municipal Corporation to curb illegal meat shops in the city. Following the complaints by Jaipur Federation of

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