Epicuria, Fiapo come together to make vegan friendly hub

Giving the growing vegan trend a much-awaited push, Delhi’s foremost food mall, Epicuria, has introduced special vegan menus at its leading restaurants in Nehru Place. With restaurants like Fio, Dhaba, Yuzu, Big Wong, Chatter House, Lord of the Drinks, Flying Saucer and Fidahh on-board, all those who are curious about

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Mumbai: Exports Got Their Goat?

The export of livestock from Nagpur – now on hold – is set to become a political lightning rod all the way here in Mumbai

The Commerce Ministry’s project to export roughly one lakh goats and sheep from Nagpur to Sharjah, UAE, has come to a halt before it

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Rabies Free India: How to effectively address human-dog conflicts

The programme seeks to offer a holistic solution to street dog menace
Conflicts between people and dogs have captured public attention lately, with incidents of dog bites and people killing dogs in retaliation hitting headlines every other day. Some recent cases of conflict include the ongoing cases in Punjab, Nagpur,

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Sunday, 24 June 2018 | Swati Poddar | in Agenda

#DontGetMilked campaign aims to play an active role in bringing to light the truth behind the production of dairy and its products, writes Swati Poddar
Animals are sentient beings, like humans they can observe, feel pain and happiness. In the case of cows and

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Petizens have won this battle

By Priya Chetty Rajagopal

While a few of us attended court on Thursday only as spectators, we must record our appreciation for the excellent and highly detailed work done by the committed lawyers (also dog-lovers). I must applaud the pragmatismshown by BBMP in agreeing for a more consultative approach to

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Muddled in confusion and with a lack of clear data, the ‘dog situation’ in Sitapur stands to become worse. Swift, decisive steps based on scientific information are needed urgently
The past six months have left multiple citizens of villages across Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur in shock, rage and fear with fatal attacks

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