10 stray cattle seized in Srirangam

TRICHY: Carrying forward the enforcement drive that commenced last month to penalise cattle owners who let their livestock rule city roads, Srirangam zone officials of the Trichy Corporation seized 10 head of stray cattle from the busy roads on Tuesday.

The corporation in November last year made announcements informing cattle owners in the city to confine their animals within their compounds and not to let the cattle enter the city roads.

However, as complaints about stray cattle menace repeatedly cropped up from various parts of the city, officials with Srirangam zone constituted a team of sanitary officials and corporation workers. They seized 10 stray cattle from roads on Tuesday.

The enforcement drive that commenced in the morning saw the team seizing 10 cattle, including three calves, from the Salai Road, Ammamandapam Road, and Moolathoppu.

The animals were subsequently moved to the Srirangam zonal office. “Cattle owners were penalised at the rate of Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 per animal seized. A total of Rs 7,000 was collected as penalties from cattle owners on Tuesday,” S Panneerselvam, sanitary inspector, Srirangam zone told TOI.

Officials said that as per the bylaws of Trichy Corporation, a hefty penalty of up to Rs 5,000 per animal would be levied on the owners if the penalised animals are seized again.

Previously, K Abishekapuram zone officials had seized 60 cattle and levied Rs 1,000 per animal. Apart from collecting penalties, the civic body obtained written undertaking from the cattle owners that the offense would not be repeated.

In the last five months, since two casualties were reported due to the stray cattle menace in the city, residents sought the authorities to frequently seize the animals.

Date: 13 Feb 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/trichy/10-head-of-stray-cattle-impounded-in-srirangam/articleshow/67967451.cms