16 Complaints Filed Against Illegal Meat Shops in Jaipur in a Month

Jaipur Police, Municipality Commissioner and FSSAI Flooded with Complaints

Jaipur (18th July): Jaipur Police, municipality commissioner and the FSSAI offices are flooded with complaints on the illegal meat shops at Ramg July anj, Malpura Gate, Transport Nagar, Shastri Nagar amongst others. The investigation of these shops, led by the Jaipur Federation of Animal Protection Organisations (J-FAPO), supported by Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), the Stop Illegal Slaughter campaign has brought to light glaring violations of all rules pertaining to operation of meat shops and the inhumane conditions in which animals are held. A majority of these shops have been found violating the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA), and Food Safety and Standards Act 2006. It was observed that birds were cut up before they were even dead; live birds were kept in utmost cramped and unhygienic conditions; large animals were also being slaughtered in shops and the basic paperwork was absent. The investigations were carried out between June and July in 9 major markets where illegal meat shops are prevalent in Jaipur and more than 15 complaints have been filed, basis the above mentioned violations, with both the JMC and the FSSAI.

“Such illegal meat shops are not only cruel to animals, but also a major public health hazard. During our investigations, we saw- Chickens were kept caged with others who were dead and rotting; chickens were openly butchered in front of others lined up for the same fate; no food or water was provided; medical examination before slaughter was absent; children under the age of 18 years were openly employed. Most of them did not even have the basic license from the Municipality”, said Varda Mehrotra, Director, FIAPO.

With the involvement of over 12 local animal rights organisations which make up J-FAPO and FIAPO’s constant efforts to put an end to illegal slaughter shops, we are optimistic that the building pressure on the authorities will force them to take action against these shops. FIAPO hopes that more number of people will speak up against the cruelties of the meat shops and add their voices to the growing movement to ensure that the government can no longer ignore the plight of these helpless animals that suffer needlessly in unacceptable conditions.

Date : 19 July 2017