A 7-Year-Old Leopard is Rescued From Drowning in a 30-Foot Deep Well in Maharashtra

Animals getting into situations they can’t escape from is very common.
There are various cases of animals falling down open wells and not being able to get out of them.  And while a lot of these animals who fall inside wells are domestic animals, even some wild animals need rescuing.

A leopard who fell down a 30-foot deep open well shows us just that. The seven-year-old leopard fell down an open well in Yadavwadi village located in Otur Maharashtra. The well appeared to be open, and low lying.

In the video, the leopard initially seemed to be perched on a half-submerged ladder which is seen floating in the well. Members of the Wildlife SOS,  a conservation non-profit in India, finally rescue the animal.

When the cage for the leopard, bound in ropes to hoist up is initially lowered down – the animal appears to be confused, before jumping straight in – and then is pulled out of the well.

Date: 8 oct 2018
Source: https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/watch-a-7-year-old-leopard-is-rescued-from-drowning-in-a-30-foot-deep-well-in-maharashtra-1901951.html