A Decade of Protecting Elephants in India

The book, Captive Elephants in India – Ecology, Management & Welfare, along with 46 state wise reports on elephants in captivity were released by Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi at the Veterinary Symposium held in new Delhi on Nov.19th, 2015.
The evening function was organized by Compassion Unlimited Plus Action and the Asian Nature Conservation Foundation, which also included the screening of a short film on the Jaipur elephants and a panel discussion titled “Elephant Predicament” .

A little bit about the book –

India has 5000 years of documented history of the keeping and husbandry of elephants in captivity. However, there has been no attempt at any rigorous scientific and relevant documentation of the ecology, management and welfare of the species in captivity. This investigation, based on sampling over 1500 elephants from 13 states across 6 different management regimes in India is an attempt to trace the science, management and welfare of the species in captivity. Additionally, it throws light on the socio-economic status of elephant keepers and handlers across these states and regimes.

The excerpt of the film “When the Elephant Sleeps” by Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky, was screened, after the book release, to the packed audience of veterinarians at the Symposium.
These were excerpts of a feature length documentary movie that was shot in 2012 in Jaipur. The film “Where the Elephant Sleeps“ (99 min.) is in post production right now. The excerpts (16 min) is a quasi compendium of the worst, painful and heart breaking scenes that were witnessed in the Jaipur Tourism group of elephants.

The panel discussion that followed was lively, interesting and often thought provoking.


Date: 27/11/2015