Activists suspect drug overdose after rescued dog dies at kennel

HYDERABAD: A German Shepherd dog, which was ill-treated by its owners and rescued by animal volunteers, died at a kennel at Ghatkesar allegedly due to the drug overdose. The dog, which was chained and beaten up by owners, was rescued on December 24 and People for Animals (PFA) took custody of the canine the same day.

According to animal volunteers — Akhila N, Mukesh, and Rasangya — who rescued the dog, the animal was at Afzal Gunz PFA shelter for about 10 days. “After 10 days, PFA asked Mukesh to take the dog as they did not want the canine to get the infection from other dogs. As Mukesh could not keep the dog with him, he found a kennel in Ghatkesar and left the dog there,” said N Akhila.

However, when Akhila went to check on the dog recently, it looked weak. “The dog had few maggot wounds when we rescued it and was very active. But when I went to the kennel recently, it had lost weight, looked weak and drowsy. My father, who is a doctor, suspected that people treating her at the kennel might be giving her high dose of medicines,” Akhila added.

Confirming that the dog died on Wednesday, PFA officials said they are awaiting post-mortem reports. “The dog was in a very bad state when rescued. The owners had chained the dog for about six months and it had several injuries,” said Vasanthi Vadi, PFA president.

Date: 10 Jan 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/activists-suspect-drug-overdose-after-rescued-dog-dies-at-kennel/articleshow/67461411.cms