After gaur’s death, Mescom told to fix sagging cables

CHIKKAMAGALURU: The Chikkamagaluru forest department authorities directed Mescom officials to fix sagging electric power cables in the region after a pregnant India Gaur died, possibly due to electrocution, in an estate in Koppa taluk on Sunday.
According to villagers, an adult female was found died in Bettadakumbri Estate. Villagers, who saw the carcass, suspect the bovine was killed after it accidently came in contact with a sagging electric wire in the estate which comes under the Kalasa Range Forest.

Jayapura GP member S Harish told TOI there are many Indian Gaur herds in the region. “The gaurs, which live in small herds, cross villages and estates in search of pastures,” he said. Villagers protested and demanded that Mescom repair the sagging wires which pose a danger to humans and wild animals.

Kalasa range forest officer BG Ravikumar said two months ago, an Indian Gaur was electrocuted at Kelagur Estate. “There are many Indian Gaur herds in the region, mostly in Belidale, Keladur and surrounding areas. After we heard about the incident in Bettadakumbri Estate, we rushed to the spot. While villagers claim the animal died of electrocution, preliminary investigation revealed died due to infighting and not electrocution,” he said.

RFO Ravikumar said he has given directions to Mescom authorities to fix the sagging wires in the region. “Mescom has taken up repair work,” he said.

Mescom Koppa sub-division Assistant Executive Engineer (Electricals) Chandrashekar said as there is regular movement of wild animals in the region, the company has laid wires at a height.

“During inspection, we did not find any symptoms of the gaur dying of electrocution. It may have died after jumping the fence erected in the estate and falling from a height. We’re waiting for the medical report. Regarding sagging wires, we have erected intermediate poles. We’ve given standing instructions to estate owners to inform Mescom if they find any loose wires in their estates,” he said.

“Instructions have also been given to section officers and linemen to identify loose wires posing a danger and rectify them immediately. We have fixed most of them, but if there are a few wires in interior places, they’ll be repaired soon,” he said

Date: 19 Feb 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mysuru/after-gaurs-death-mescom-told-to-fix-sagging-cables/articleshow/68054980.cms