Amala Akkineni bets for Veganism

Hyderabad: Chairperson of Blue Cross Hyderabad and actor Amala Akkineni is collaborating with Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) to promote veganism through social media campaign #21DayCompassionChallenge, according to a press release.

Launched by the FIAPO, the campaign is essentially aimed at encouraging non-vegetarians to completely go vegan for a period of 21 days. Through social media, the actor is urging fans and followers to take up the 21-day challenge.

“While we love animals, we sometimes forget about the ones who are bred solely for our consumption of their body and secretions. Their suffering might not be invisible to us, but it is very much real. I urge all those who respect animals to look deeper into their nutrition and give veganism a try,” Amala Akkineni said.

According to FIAPO, the #21DayCompassionChallenge is designed for individuals who are keen to shift to a compassionate, cruelty-free lifestyle. “The challenge is custom made for desi-food lovers. The good part is, anyone who signs up will receive a free vegan starter kit and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for 21 days,” members of FIAPO said.

The Federation officials said that the collaboration with Amala Akkineni couldn’t have come a better time. “Vegan scene in the country is rapidly catching up. In a recent survey conducted by FIAPO, 66 percent of the sample population said they would love to try vegan food and 60 percent of them said they were willing to change their long-term consumption pattern to include more cruelty-free and compassionate choices.”

Date: 3rd Sept 2018
Source: https://telanganatoday.com/amala-akkineni-bats-for-veganism

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