Animals pulled from hoarding house

POTOMAC, Md. – Residents in a quiet Potomac neighborhood were shocked when dozens of animals were rescued from a neighboring home this week.

According to witnesses, animal control crews have been collecting dozens of cats and rabbits from the home on Sweetbough Court since Saturday.

So far, about 50 animals have been pulled from the home, which has an owner but no one currently living inside.

Authorities entering the residence found it was compromised with severe water and electrical damage.

For nearby residents, the details are almost as startling as the smell that had begun to fill the neighborhood.

“I mean it’s alarming to think that someone in this neighborhood would be involved in that kind of behavior,” said resident Linda Kiefer.

The investigation into the suspected hoarding situation remains open and active however no arrests have been made yet.

Date: 19 july 2018
Source: https://www.localdvm.com/news/i-270/animals-pulled-from-hoarding-house/1311928848