‘Anyone can report cruelty to animals under existing laws’

KOLKATA: An interactive session on animal cruelty laws was held at the Kolkata Animal Carnival on Sunday. It stressed upon the need for animal lovers and activists to work in unison with the police and the judiciary to book offenders under existing laws.

Experts, including officials of Humane Society International (HSI), an international animal protection organization that organized the session informed citizens how they can protect animals. Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisation was the knowledge partner at the Carnival at Jadavpur.

“We have strong laws that deal with animal cruelty. What we need is more awareness and enforcement of the laws. ,” said Arkaprava Bhar, east India manager, HSI (India).

“Any common citizen can lodge a police complaint against an offender under the IPC and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. It is the responsibility of the police to initiate action,” Bhar added.

Some wondered if there was a solution to the problem of stray dogs in some neighborhoods and if they can be relocated to other places. “Stray animals cannot be relocated from a particular area. The only scientific method is animal birth control and it is the responsibility of every civic body to initiate such drives at frequent intervals,” he said.

Many animal lovers had protested outside the police station after 16 puppies were brutally killed on the NRS Hospital premises last month. Experts said nobody had the right to take the law in their hands. “It is a crime. It helps the offenders to flee as the police are either under siege or trying to control the situation. Animal lovers should instead help the cops in tracking the offenders,” an expert said.

Date: 04 Feb 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/anyone-can-report-cruelty-to-animals-under-existing-laws/articleshow/67827931.cms