Bandipur forest wildfire: Karnataka Government seeks IAF help to doze off blaze

The Karnataka Government has sought the help of Indian Air Force (IAF) as the authorities continue with their efforts to doze off the fire in Bandipur forests. As per reports, the fire has covered nearly 3,000 hectares of land in the last few days. Close to 300 locals along with at least 500 state forest staff are carrying on with their efforts to control the blaze, however, dry, windy conditions are making their job difficult, a report by Hindustan Times said.

“Decided to use Air Force’s help to contain the fire. The Air Force chief was contacted and a request was placed for immediate help. The Air Force chief responded positively and preparations are on for operation,” Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy tweeted. The massive fire was first reported on Friday.

The movement of vehicles has been stopped on the National Highway-67 and inter-state roads until further orders. Bandipore houses the famous tiger reserve and the area’s rich bio-diversity attracts a huge number of tourists around the year.

It is perhaps after a long time that wildfire flared up in Bandipur because of a sudden climate change and growth of dry grass.

An official, while speaking to IANS also said that there had been no reports of casualty or injury to animals, till now, as they might have ran into the deep forest due to scorching heat and a raging fire. He also said that a few small animals might have perished in the blaze.

Date: 26 Feb 2019
Source: https://www.financialexpress.com/india-news/bandipur-forest-wildfire-karnataka-government-seeks-iaf-help-to-doze-off-blaze/1499174/