Call for International Action

Call for International Action: Protest Against Indian Embassy

In the next 5 days, hundreds of bulls in India will be punched, beaten, and mutilated to be “tamed” in medieval spectacles like Jallikattu across India. Going against a Supreme Court order and its own policy, the Indian Government passed a notification on 7 January 2015 sanctioning unspeakable abuse of these animals. The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) teamed up with several other organisations and successfully challenged this move in the Supreme Court to secure a stay order on the conduct of such events. This was a landmark victory of animals in India.  However, information is flooding in from all over the country about illegal bull races and Jallikattu events taking place. See here and here.

Jallikattu is a barbaric activity in which it is simply impossible for bulls to escape torture. Engulfed by screaming crowds, these terrified, gentle bulls are chased, punched, jumped on, goaded and poked with sharp sticks and dragged to the ground. In such “bull taming festivals” bulls have known to have their eyes gouged out, tails snapped and ears torn.

Building up significant international protest is now critical if we have any hope of saving these bulls.FIAPO appeals to you to organize a demonstration/protest event on the 21st January at the Indian embassy to hand in the protest letter asking the Indian Government to implement the court’s order in letter and spirit and not allow these events to take place.

We need you to act NOW to save the animals. A protest letter is attached, and please write to Varda@fiapo.org for more materials and to confirm your participation in this international action.

Thank you for your support,



copy of the Sample protest letter for organisations click here!