Central Zoo Authority& Children Urge MoEF&CC to #EndCircusSuffering for Elephants!

It’s a golden moment in the Indian Animals Right Movement, with the Central Zoo Authority supporting the proposal to end the use of elephants in circuses, and ensure their rehabilitation. There are also suggestions to cancel ownership certificates and rehabilitate elephants still in possession of the derecognized circuses; more involvement from AWBI & Project Elephant is on the cards too. Elephants, even though being a Schedule 1 species under the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972, and have been suffering in the hands of their ‘rightful’ owners!
This recommendation has been made in light of the numerous inspection reports & notices documenting the widespread illegalities and cruelty to elephants in circuses. Based on which, CZA had previously de-recognised all circuses (but one), owing to the clear violation of Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972. With CZA’s ambit of wild animals, it has recommended that using elephants be completely stopped in Indian circuses. Resonating with the same thoughts, a group of Higher Secondary school children visited the Ministry with 1000 postcards, each with a personal message from school children across India about why they don’t want to see animals in circuses! Read more here- http://www.fiapo.org/newsandevents/end-circus-cruelty/