Citizens of Jaipur File FIRs for Immediate Action against Unparalleled Cruelty to Cows in Dairies

Jaipur, 8th October:Withrising anger against the immense cruelty that cattle are subjected to in dairies across Rajasthan, citizens of Jaipur today started a campaign to file FIRs and complaints demanding immediate action against the perpetrators in dairies.

A protest was held outside Malviya Nagar police station in Jaipur, where anF.I.R filing activitywas initiatedagainst the dairies that have been mistreating cattle.

India’s apex animal protection organisation, Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) also launched a tip-off line for those who would like to anonymously complain about the cruelty to animals in Rajasthan. Since the tip-off line has been launched, complaints from across the state have been flooding in, showing grave concern for the ill-treatment of cows in Rajasthan.

In June, the FIAPO released an undercover investigation that was conducted in 49 dairies across four cities in Rajasthan with shocking findings – illegal sale of calves for slaughter, the use of banned and illegal drugs such as Oxytocin; lack of basic infrastructure, inadequate food and veterinary care for cattle were a common occurrence across all dairies investigated.

FIAPO had earlier shared the findings with PrabhuLal Saini, the Minister of Agriculture, asking for implementation of law and of a code for standard welfare of dairy cattle. However, no action has been taken so far. It is shocking that these are the conditions of the only state which has a cow ministry in the country.               However, the Ministershirked all responsibility and turned the issue down stating that “Crimes happen every day, it is the duty of the society to prevent these, Ministries cannot do much in this situation. So many laws are made every day such as preventing smoking, but not all get implemented to punish violators. We cannot ask an animal owner to keep their animals in a particular manner, it is their personal matter”.

“We are shocked at the apathy of the Minister and the regulatory authorities. Even the inadequatelawss that exist for the cattle of Rajasthan are not enforced, resulting in shocking and immense suffering to Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Registration of Cattle Premises) Rules, 1978 and the Rajasthan Municipal Act, 2009, clearly state the requirement of registering dairy premises under these Rules, failure of which may lead to seizure of animals and sealing of the dairy premises. But the authorities seem to be turning a blind eye to the pitiable condition of dairy animals. With citizens filing FIRs to demand action, it is really a wake-up call for the authorities. We urge more people to join us by contacting our tip-off line.” said VardaMehrotra, Director, FIAPO

Date : 15th Oct 2016