Cops start probe into ‘attack’ on dog owner

KOLKATA: After a pet owner’s social media post, talking about how his neighbors had humiliated him and his wife for keeping two dogs in their new flat, went viral, cops from the Haridevpur police station started a probe on Monday.

The January 5 post has so far seen 275 people supporting him and over 1,085 sharing it over the past 48 hours.

The victim, Subarno Goswami, and his wife, living in the Sodepur Bazar area close to Purba Barisha, are known to rescue animals and treat them. His two dogs, an Alsatian and a husky whom he calls his children Hero and Liza, were also rescued by him after they were abandoned months ago.

Goswami found himself caught in a controversy with neighbors complaining against his dogs at the Haridevpur police station and with the counselor, within weeks of the family moving into their new flat in March last year. Goswami claimed the neighbors had earlier complained the dogs barked at odd hours and that their fur would be strewn on the staircase. On the evening of January 3, he claimed, around 30 men—several of them outsiders—barged into his flat, assaulted him and misbehaved with his wife. In a Facebook post, the victim claimed he decided to sell off his flat.

His post got a lot of support, prompting the cops to look into the case. “We have had a complaint and counter-complaint,” said an officer. Goswami posted again on Facebook, saying the offers to help was a major relief: “This is to inform each and every concerned friend of ours that we have kept our children (Hero n Liza) safe first..our safety is secondary to us… Thanks lots to all of you for all your support…”

Residents at the flat claimed they were intimidated by the dogs, which were allowed to climb up the stairs and to the terrace without being on a leash. “Ever since they moved in, we have stopped visiting the terrace. Our kids are scared of the big dogs. They refuse to lock them up in their flat. The dogs soil the stairs and bark at all hours. I don’t hate animals, but there has to be a limit… So, we contacted the councilor and KMC. No resident was involved in the attack,” said a resident.

Date: 08 Jan 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/cops-start-probe-into-attack-on-dog-owner/articleshow/67431152.cms