Cops turn mute spectators to killer manjha

JAIPUR: It appears that Jaipur police is not serious on the ill-effects of the banned plastic and metallic manjha ahead of the festival of kites — Makar Sankranti. Though they have issued orders to ban these two kinds of manjhas, they are selling like hotcakes in the Walled City markets, in the absence of stringent measures.

This, despite the fact that senior police officers have specifically asked the DCPs and other officers to take strict action in this regard and also to ensure seizures.

TOI visited the Walled City markets, including Handipura, Ramganj, Choti Chaupar, Chandpole, and others, which have the wholesale market of kites and manjhas, and found that traders have no fear of the ban imposed by the Jaipur police.

It may be recalled that the National Green Tribunal had imposed an interim nationwide ban on the use of manjha for flying kites as the sharp string poses danger to humans, animals, and birds.

“As the festival fever is catching up, the campaign against manjhas is going to get intensified, where we will introduce a lot of seizures from the shops selling manjhas,” said a senior police officer of Jaipur police commissionerate. Senior police officers though said that they have not made a single seizure so far, but they will ensure strict action and compliance of the ban.

“The sales increased in the last week, prior to Makar Sankranti. Now, we have constituted teams and will take strict action. Seizures would be done at the shops, especially in the north district of the police,” said an officer.

On the other hand, many dealing in manjhas and kites have already stopped the sale of metallic and plastic manjhas, while some of them are selling these to their ‘selected’ customers. “There is, of course, a fear of this ban. Earlier, we used to get it from the manufacturers in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. For the past two years, we are only selling the glass-coated regular manjha, not the metallic and plastic manjha,” said Mohammad Islam, a wholesale dealer of kites and manjhas at Handipura market near Ramganj Bazaar of the Walled City.

In Jaipur, many people, including kids, have been severely injured due to the manjha in the past.

Date: 09 Jan 2019
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/jaipur/cops-turn-mute-spectators-to-killer-manjha/articleshow/67445076.cms