Court allows 56 rescued camels to be sent back to Rajasthan

Hyderabad, Dec 3 (PTI): A Hyderabad court allowed two animal rescue organisation to transport to Rajasthan 56 camels that were rescued by police last month.

These camels were part of a total of 97 camels rescued by police on November 9 from a duo who had brought them from Rajasthan for the purpose of slaughtering, Balapur police station Sub-Inspector S Vishnuvardhan Reddy said.

The camels, found in a cramped space in a local premises with their legs tied, were handed over by the police to the civic authorities and two animal rescue organisations.

Forty-one camels from the lot of 97 died due to, among other reasons, the harsh conditions in which they were brought in by the arrested accused, he said.

The order to shift the animals back to Rajasthan came on a petition filed by the two animal rescue organisations, police said.

Date: 3 Dec 2017