Delhi Zoo helps animals battle winter chills

It is not only humans who are battling the harsh cold since the beginning of 2018 but animals in the National Zoological Park, or what is popularly known as Delhi Zoo, are feeling it too.

Hence, the authorities have incorporated different measures including changes in dietary requirements to make the four-legged creatures feel cosy and warm in this inclement weather conditions.

Since the city experiences extreme weather with temperatures soaring above 45 degrees Celsius in summer and dropping to as low as three degrees on an average in winter, the Zoo chalks out special diet plans for its animals.

While in summers, intake of food is reduced, especially for carnivores, who are not given food at least once a week, it has been increased since the mercury plummeted. Carnivorous animals including the big cats like tigers, lions and leopards are being fed extra meat these days.

For instance, the white tiger who consumes around 8 to 10 kilograms of meat per day in summer, is now eating at least 12 kg.

The administration has introduced food products like gooseberry (around 50 to 100 grams) in the diet of herbivores like pachyderms, primates, birds etc.

The elephants are munching on sugarcane, jaggery and peepal leaves, all of which help keep the body warm.

Monkeys, lion tailed macaque and gibbons are eating more chickpeas, milk, fruits and nut to satiate their increased hunger in winter season. Salt licks have also made way in their cages as it helps them digest food.

Apart from food, the enclosures of all the animals have dried paddy leaves as beds, to keep them warm.

The authorities have also provided heaters to some of them and are conducting regular health checkups of all the inmates.

To provide warmth to reptiles and birds, the zoo officials have kept pots with holes in them, that are lit with bulbs and are placed upside down.

Source : http://www.dnaindia.com/delhi/report-delhi-zoo-helps-animals-battle-winter-chills-2573502

Date : 8 Jan 2018