Dinosaur-like animal’s fossil found in Uttarakhand

A Dinosaur-like creature’s fossil was found during an excavation in Jaspur, a small city 110 km away from Nainital, on Sunday.

The land where the fossil has been found belongs to the state electricity department, where a power house used to exist three decades ago.

An employee of the electricity department, Bali Ram, told Hindustan Times that some labourers first informed the contractor about the discovery, who, in turn, informed the police and forest department. “We have also messaged to the archaeological department,” Ram added.

“Chances are that some small animal entered the abandoned house and died there in. We have informed the authorities are concerned departments,” said Abdul Kalam, inspector of the Jaspur police station.

The hind legs of the discovered figure measure around 29cm and the tail is around 5cm long. The authorities have decided to send the remains to Dehradun-based Wildlife Institute of India (WII) for further investigation.

Minutes after the new spread, a large number of people gathered at the site to take a look at the strange fossil. Hakeem Jafar Ali, a local resident, said that there could be more lizard-like animals. “We are a bit puzzled and therefore seeking the administration’s help in undertaking massive search operation in the surroundings,” Ali said.

Date : 27 November 2017

Source : http://www.hindustantimes.com/dehradun/dinosaur-like-animal-s-fossil-found-in-uttarakhand/story-4oSGk1tiAcqJze4MyAMekN.html