Dog beaten to death in Noida, case filed

A one-year-old female dog was allegedly beaten to death after security guards of Supertech Capetown society in sector 74 suspected her of biting a child. The residents vented out their anger on the dog which was not even present in the society when the child was bitten. Police have registered an FIR.

According to a complaint filed by People for Animal(PFA) member, a stray female dog, was brutally beaten by the security guards of the society with sticks on the directions of four residents of the society of Supertech Cape town society in sector 74 of Noida.

“Recently a young boy was bitten by a stray dog inside the society premises. After which several residents of the society had started spreading a hatred among other people on social media networks and on March 29, a female dog who was recently sterilised by SPCA was sleeping in the premises,” said Kaveri Bhardwaj, PFA member.

Several guards in the direction of four residents started hitting the female dog while she was asleep.

“An eyewitness noticed 4 to 5 guards of the society in the presence of the four society members thrashing the dog. The dog was later taken to a nearby animal dispensary where she was in intensive care unit and undergoing treatment. The dog succumbed to her injuries on Friday night,” said Bhardwaj.

Post-mortem of the dog was done on Saturday morning and the doctors stated the dog had severe injuries to spine and head.

Following which, PFA, lodged a complaint in sector 49 police station.

“We have received a complaint and on the basis of that an FIR has been registered against the builder, security agency of the society and four named residents of the society under Section 429 (prohibits mischievous killing or maiming of an animal, making the offender liable to be punished with a five-year jail term, with or without a fine), Section 11(1)(a) and (l) of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960 and 120b (criminal conspiracy of the Indian Penal code. We are scanning the CCTV footages of the society to find the facts,” said a senior police officer of sector 49 police station.

Bhardwaj further alleged the police to take the case softly and stated that despite being a cognizable offense which requires arrest even without a warrant police not arresting anyone.

Despite several calls the accused residents didn’t answer to the calls.


Kaveri Bhardwaj of People for Animal alleged that the police took the case softly. Despite being a cognizable offence, the cops are yet to arrest anyone for killing the canine, she alleged.

Date: 1 April 2018