Dogs have their day out in the sun

Ludhiana: City resident Amarjeet Singh Batth’s dog named ‘Soda’ bagged the Desi Rockstar Award in a dog fashion show called ‘Bark and Swagger 3’ held at Hero Homes here on Sunday afternoon. The six-year-old mutt breed was adopted by Batth, who was elated at the award given to his pet.
He expressed: “Once you adopt stray dogs, you start taking care of them as your pets.” Owner of 11 stray dogs, Bhatt says: “All my strays have been vaccinated, and females dogs have also been sterilized. Male dogs are generally adopted, not females. I feel there should be a change in attitude towards stray dogs, especially females. They can be your assets, if managed well. They give us foolproof security. More so, people should not entirely depend on the government to tackle the stray dog menace. Rather, the solution should be initiated by people, with housing colonies and welfare societies stepping forward to help in the sterilization of dogs.”
Another participant, Sunny Sekhon from South City — whose golden retriever ‘Blue’ bagged the best prize in the breed show — has provided every facility in his house to all his 20 golden retrievers. From a kennel to a swimming pool, his pets have no shortage of anything. He said: “Blue is worth around Rs20 lakh, as he is a Canadian and Indian champion. He goes to all the pet shows across India. Other pets, including ‘Criminal’ and ‘Trouble’ are also very pampered.”
Yashul, another participant, said: “Such events are a good platform for dog lovers, and we can see how other people take care of animals, share ideas and views with each other. A lot of breeds have also come together under one roof.” Shanky, a spectator, said: “Shows for pampered pets is good, but stray animals should not be ignored. People should provide moral and financial support to those who bring up stray dogs.”
Animal Rescue Mission and Welfare Society, an NGO for stray dogs, holds regular free anti-rabies camps, and workshops by expert trainers and groomers. Preeti, president of the society, said: “Only Rs2,300 were collected from a fund-raising event. Ludhianvis talks high about social welfare for stray dogs, but hardly loosen their pockets for a social cause.” Dr. Jaspreet Mauj, a city veterinarian and organizer, said: “People need to step forward for social causes like stray dogs.” Dr. Mauj will give free anti-rabies vaccination for stray dogs this whole month, and at discounted rates to pet dogs. The vaccine is Merial Rabisin, the number one vaccination in the world for dogs, which will be effective for three years in just one shot.

Date: 10 dec 2018
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/dogs-have-their-day-out-in-the-sun/articleshow/67017756.cms