Don’t Get Milked: National Agency says to Indian youth

A campaign depicting the cruelty that exists in the dairy industry

(Delhi, 26, September, 2016): Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisation (FIAPO), today, launched a nationwide campaign to create awareness around the rampant cruelty and insensitivities that exist in the dairy industry. The #Don’tGetMilked campaign questions the age old belief of milk and milk products being a source of nourishment for humans and the high price dairy animals have to pay for it, sometimes by death.

India is the highest producer of milk in the world, yet the gross ill-treatment and deplorable condition of dairy cattle is evident from the recent cases of cattle death in Rajasthan and in similar cases across the country.

With the launch of the campaign, the Federation has revealed shocking truths of modern-diaries which are kept under wraps like illegal sale of calves for slaughter, use of banned and illegal drugs such as Oxytocin to increase milk production, artificial impregnation and inadequate food and veterinary care for cattle. The yearlong campaign has been launched aimed at educating and encouraging young Indians to switch to dairy alternates.

Varda Mehrotra, Director, FIAPO said “Drinking milk is cruel and the idea of milk being a great source of nourishment for humans is absolutely misleading. Like humans, cattle produce milk as a feed for their young and once the animal is of a certain age the milk production stops. But the dairy industry has been playing on this lie and fabricating tales for its own benefit. We at FIAPO want people to know the facts and cruelty of the industry and tell them that alternate cruel free methods exist, in case they want to opt for them.”

The DontGetMilked site will also ask people to ‘MAKE A PROMISE’ against brutality and live a cruelty free life.