Dy Mayor of Jaipur stands up against cruelty to cattle

Jaipur, 16th October: Dy Mayor, Jaipur Shri. Manoj Bhardwaj strongly condemned cruelty by dairy establishments and assured the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) of stern action against the perpetrators.

Shocked by the callousness of the Government of Rajasthan and their refusal to take action against the illegalities in the dairy industry, FIAPO, with its member organisation Seva Samarpan, Raksha, met with Shri. Manoj Bhardwaj, Dy Mayor, Jaipur Municipal Corporation, and discussed several disturbing statistics about the condition of dairy cattle. The Federation also shared the findings of the undercover investigation conducted by the federation and its members in 49 dairies across four cities in June this year.

In addition to the ‘State of dairy cattle in Rajasthan’ report, FIAPO also shared new evidence against 10 dairies that have violated the Prevention of CrueltytoAnimals (Registration of Cattle Premises) Rules, 1978 and the Rajasthan Municipal Act, 2009, along with complaints from the citizens of Jaipur.

Shri. Manoj Bhardwaj said,“ ‘Cattle cruelty is a significant problem in Rajasthan, and we must continue to collect evidence against the dairies. We are supportive of FIAPO’s recommendations and findings from the collected evidence and assure them of full commitment to protect the dairy cattle of Rajasthan “.

“Shri Manoj Bhardwaj’s support is very encouraging; especially after the disappointments we have been facing from all authorities in the state. There are inadequate laws that exist for cattle in Rajasthan and whatever little is there is not enforced. The ground reality is that the treatment of cattle is entirely different from what the dairy establishments want us to believe and they fear no one. Cattle are subjected to extreme cruelty from birth to death and we wanted to bring this forth in our discussion with Shri. Bhardwaj. We are certain that with his support we will be able to make a difference in the lives of thousands of animals that perish ever day. We are happy that Municipal Corporation will now take notice and hold defaulting establishments accountable for their action.” said Varda Mehrotra, Director, FIAPO

Speaking on the occasion, Jaivardhan BhardwajSeva Samarpan said,”We are happy with the response we have received from Shri Manoj Bhardwaj. Seva Samarpan has been working with FIAPO to improve the condition of cattle in Rajasthan and we will make all efforts to ensure the movement is implemented at the earliest.”


Mohit Joshi, RAKSHA shared. “We need more leaders like Shri Bhardawaj, who have a positive outlook towards animals and understand the need of taking adequate measure to improve their living condition. We are sure it will go a long way in our fight to protect dairy animals in the state.”

Date : 16th October 2016