Exotic birds, monkeys seized in raids

Chennai: In a coordinated swoop on syndicates smuggling wildlife, officers of DRI, Chennai, in tandem with officers in Aizawl,
Guwahati and Kolkata, carried out operations to seize several exotic species.
Based on specific intelligence, officers of DRI, Chennai, launched simultaneous raids at two locations – a house in the city and
a farmhouse on the outskirts.
The searches resulted in the seizure of 70 species of wildlife including birds like scarlet macaws, harlequin macaws, blue gold
macaws, cockatoos and various species of conure.
The searches also resulted in the seizure of squirrel monkeys, callithrix monkeys and a pair of red iguana. One of the
smugglers was apprehended in Chennai during the operations, a statement released by DRI said.
Earlier, officers of DRI at Aizawl and Kolkata intercepted a consignment of wildlife consisting of 35 birds of various species, one
baby marmoset and one Bengal cat at Kolkata airport, which had been smuggled through the porous Indo-Myanmar border.
The smuggler who organized the illicit cross-border transportation of these animals was arrested by a DRI unit at Aizawl. The
man named people in Chennai and other cities to whom animals had been despatched.
Import, export and re-export of any live animal or plant of a species listed in the CITES Appendices (or of any part or derivative
of such animal or plant) requires a permit or certificate. International trade in all wild fauna and flora in general, and the species
covered under CITES in particular, is regulated jointly through the provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972, the Foreign
Trade (Development Regulation) Act 1992, the Foreign Trade Policy of Government of India and Customs Act, 1962.
As per Customs Act, 1962, the offences are punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven years and a

Date: 09 oct 2018
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/exotic-birds-monkeys-seized-in-raids/articleshow/66126883.cms