Fed up With Delays, 26-Year-Old Creates App That Helps Rescue Animals in Real Time

It was an ordinary day when 26-year-old Yash was looking out of the window of his Matunga home when he heard painful cries on the street below. When perturbed Yash decided to see what was wrong and arrived at the spot, he realised the mewling cry belonged to a stray dog whose leg had been crushed after a vehicle ran over it.

Yash immediately dialled the number of the local vet, who was nowhere to be found. He even called the Parel ambulance service, but was informed that they were ‘unsure of the time it would take for them to arrive’ — a euphemistic way of telling him to look for other alternatives. It only after a few hours that another college student in the vicinity volunteered to call a paid ambulance and split the bill of ₹ 800 for conveyance with Yash.

Despite putting a call for help on social media, the fact that support didn’t reach in time irked Yash. He also realised there was a massive void in the animal care space and there was no platform that connected animal lovers during such exigencies in real time. This lead to Yash’s brainchild, the ‘Let it Wag’ app.

When you put up a call for help on social media, there are six levels of tagging. But even when that tagging happens, you cannot be sure if the people being tagged are in the same location as the animal in distress. So, I wanted to create an app that would connect animal lovers, rescuers, vets, and NGOs in real time to offer immediate help. With Let It Wag, it doesn’t matter where you stay, all that matters is your current location and your will to help a furry friend in distress at that moment,” he tells The Better India.

There are close to a million strays in India, and over 100 of them meet with accidents every single day. Most of these die a painful death because help doesn’t reach on time. The other factors that contribute to the rising mortality rates include lack of ambulance facilities to transport injured animals, the geographic discrepancy where animal welfare organisations are scattered across cities, and the fact that shelters have limited capacity.

If you see an animal in distress, all you have to do is click a picture on the app and create a case with what kind of injury it is. You can immediately get in touch with vets, ambulances and NGOs in real time to help the animal. While most might argue, that contacts can even be accessed with a simple google search, it is important to note that most contact details that pop up, are part of paid promotions and are often outdated. Besides the search results on the app, instead of a haphazard or random order, are listed according to your location.

Adopting pets:

When one talks about adoption on social media, duplications are the most significant issue. Many times there is absolutely no mechanism to track the status of pets that are up for adoption.
“It is a pity that nobody documents this adoption. Let it Wag allows you adopt, but also generate an ‘Adoption Document,’ a MoU of sorts between two parties, the rehoming family/individual (who put the pet for adoption ) and the Adopting Family/Individual,” he says.

All the user has to do, is add quick details including names, breed of the pet, any distinct mark that the animal has, its colour, etc. and in less than five minutes, one can create and print a copy for future reference.


Date: Dec 1, 2017