FIAPO and Animal rights

The animal protection movement in India is growing diligently, Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) has initiated a nation-wide campaign – ‘Have a Heart’ that showcases the unified strength of the animal rights movement of India. The campaign was designed with an idea to forge deeper connections of individuals with animals, enticing them to change their food choices. This one of a kind event was conducted in 30 cities across the country. FIAPO introduced this campaign as a celebration of six years since the inception of their vegan advocacy programme. During the course of these six years, the programme has been able to reach out to more than one million people with activists in over 77 cities, making it the largest vegan advocacy campaign in the country. The main idea behind this campaign was for the people to realise how similar all animals are to one another and humans. Either farmed, companion or wild animals, they all have a heart that beats exactly like us and none of them are mere products to kill and consume. This helped to build an emotional connection with the intent of making people shift their behavior in a positive manner.

Date: 12 April 2019
Source: http://mindplusnews.com/fiapo-and-animal-rights/