FIAPO pacts with American co Menchie’s for vegan sorbets, yogurt

This New Year is marked by yet another partnership for the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations(FIAPO) as it collaborates with famous American frozen yogurt brand Menchie’s and launches new flavours of vegan sorbets and yogurts soon in Delhi-NCR. This association is a part of FIAPO’s #CorporateOutreach campaign where businesses that produce consumables by using animal products, are encouraged to use cruelty-free ingredients. By conservative estimates, 56 billion animals are killed every year because of the ever increasing demand of the food, beverage, apparel and automobile industry, the company said in a statement here. Corporate Outreach campaign Head Shivangi said to reach economies of scale, corporations exploit animals such that lead to maximisation of profits and minimisation of losses. Unfortunately for the animal, this means that they are kept in dark, unventilated conditions. Such exploitative practices can come to an end if corporations reduce their animal product consumption and switch to alternatives instead. The- ‘Corporate Outreach’ program aims to do just that. “When a big corporation like Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt decides to change its business practices in an animal-friendly vision for the brand that is when a revolution is marshaled.”Celebrating the partnership, Menchie’s CEO Abhay Sharma said, “It is my pleasure to be associated with an organisation like FIAPO that works for the uplift of the status of animals in the country. Menchie’s will launch more of vegan products very soon and will provide a variety of options to this segment in the market as well.”FIAPO has already tied up with Cocoberry, an Indian yoghurt chain, and Fruktville, an upcoming ice cream and shakes shop to promote veganism and still awaits positive responses from brands like Starbucks, Natural’s Ice Cream, Baskin Robbins and Coffee Cafe Day, to make life healthier for people and cruelty-free for their fellow inhabitants.

Date : 20 January 2018

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