FIAPO unites over a 100 NGOs to oppose MOEFCC’s move to unabatedly kill wildlife

Letters of protest are pouring in from all over the country to the office of Mr.Prakash Javadekar, the Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change to stop the mindless killing of wild species such as Neelgai, Wild boar and the Rhesus Macaque. The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) has united over 100 animal protection organisations including Satpuda Foundation and the Timbaktu Collective to oppose the move.

This move is in response to some States – with support of Centre – opening up hunting of select species (Nilgai, Wild boar and Rhesus Macaque) to solve supposed human- wildlife conflict. These species, erstwhile, had protection under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 attracting a penalty for their hunting. Questions are also being raised about allowing this mass killing of wild species on one hand while creating a strong national front for cow protection on the other.

The organisations have also offered to help address the grave issue of human-wildlife conflict in a sustainable manner. “There is a dire need to move away from these quick fix solutions that will merely aggravate human-animal conflict, to long-term, sustainable planning and non-invasive means of mitigating conflict,” said Nimesh Ved, FIAPO spokesperson.

FIAPO has filed PILs and RTIs in some states like Telangana and in others,animal protection organizations are partnering with the States to come up with solutions. Some ‘no kill’ solutions include – application of bio-pesticides with a mixture of cow urine, neem and dry chilli kept airtight for 40 days for controlling the blue bull menace; use of paraffin base and organic sources in keeping blue bulls away from fields. Jatropha plantation too has been suggested as a very effective way.

The representative organisations bring forth that random culling not only causes damage to ecological cycles and poses the threat of depleting species but is also at cross-roads with our policies of landscape and corridor conservation. They stress on the need to address the issue at landscape level as opposed to State level and call for innovative approaches to be tried out as pilots as the next step. FIAPO along with all other organisations hope to build enough pressure to bring to light the unacceptable and mindless suffering of thousands of innocent animals.

See open letter here http://www.fiapo.org/newsandevents/open-letter-to-prakash-javadekar-wild-animals-are-notvermin/