FIAPO writes to CM for disbarment of nursing students accused of killing pups

Kolkata, The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) has written to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, urging expulsion of the two nursing students and three others of the state-run Nil Ratan Sircar Medical college, accused of ruthlessly killing 16 puppies, and strengthening of animal protection laws.

The dead puppies were found in the trash bin at the medical college campus last Sunday. Post mortem report revealed that the puppies died due to severe liver and nervous system injuries inflicted on them by iron rods.

Later, video footage of the horrific incident showed two 1st year nursing students, identified as Moutusi Mondol and Soma Burman, bludgeoning the puppies, while keeping their mother leashed at the spot. The two along with three other of the college had continued with their cruelty even as onlookers pleaded for mercy.

“We appeal to you to disbar these students from the college and the medical profession as they have shattered the sanctity of a noble profession which is known for ‘Saving Lives’ and the way they have planned and killed these innocent pups, they are not even an inch close to get associated with this profession,” FIAPO stated in its letter.

In the letter, FIAPO expressed concern that the guilty may be able to leverage the weak laws in place and escape conviction as the laws protecting animals are weak.

“Frequently, we come across incidents where the plight of these innocent victims goes unnoticed,” the letter said, pointing out the “non-credible” laws that allowed blatant victimisation of animals.

On Monday, just a day after the 16 dead pups were found, another video of the brutal killing, in the same location, of another puppy surfaced, proving the inhuman act had continued unabated.

The animal activist organisations requested the chief minister to organise workshops “in order to sensitise the police department of the state regarding the laws protecting the animals, including but not limiting to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 as well as the Indian Penal Code”, as in most cases the police overlooked such criminal activities and the culprits faced consequences only after public outcry.

Date: 17 Jan 2019
Source: http://www.centralchronicle.com/fiapo-writes-to-cm-for-disbarment-of-nursing-students-accused-of-killing-pups.html